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GHSB Partners Lead Panel Discussion on Vergara v. California

Garcia, Hernandez, Sawhney & Bermudez, LLP Equity Partners Mary Hernandez and Bonifacio Bonny Garcia led a panel discussion on Vergara v California and its implications for school districts at the California Latino School Boards Association Unity Conference. The court’s recent ruling in Vergara v. California which declared California teacher tenure, dismissal and lay-off statutes unconstitutional is only the latest court case forcing the State to eliminate obstacles to a quality education for every California student.

The panel, What is Going On? And where is the Law Really Headed with Respect to Teacher Job Security and the Student Constitutional Rights to a Quality Education?, discussed the evidence cited by the 9 students that filed suit against the State as well as the State’s own findings.  The Court also found substantial evidence that grossly ineffective teachers disproportionately impact low income and minority students.

The discussion then led to why Judge Rolf M. Treu found the challenged statutes in the case unconstitutional  and a discussion  of  some of the policies currently in place that have led to California having a large number of “grossly ineffective” teachers. The panel ended with the questions of whether Judge Treu’s decision will be upheld on appeal by the State of California and what school districts should do in the meantime.

The California Latino School Boards Association is a non-profit membership organization that is dedicated to empowering trustees to drive educational policy in California with the goal of achieveing educational equity and academic success for all students.

The presentation that went along with this panel can be found here. The complete ruling by Judge Treu can be found here.