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Equity Partners Guide Community College Trustees and Administrators on Legal Issues Impacting Diversity Initiatives

Garcia, Hernández, Sawhney & Bermudez, LLP Equity Partners Mary Hernández and Nitasha Sawhney were among the featured speakers at the 2013 Community College League of California Annual Trustees Conference at the Ritz-Carlton in Lake Tahoe.  They provided legal guidance and practice tips in a workshop entitled “Coloring Inside the Lines: What are the Rules Around Building and Maintaining Diversity (Really)?”  Their co-panelists included: Mark Evilsizer, current President of the California Association of Latino Community College Trustees and Administrators (CALCTTA), Dr. Ted Martinez, former Superintendent/President of Rio Hondo Community College District and Dr. Francisco Rodriguez, Superintendent/President, MiraCosta College.  The panelists engaged in a robust and interactive discussion of not only steps to ensure legal compliance but also best practices examples for successful and sustainable implementation of policies around diversity and inclusion among administration, faculty, staff and students.  Garcia, Hernández, Sawhney & Bermudez Managing Partner Bonifacio Garcia, who serves as Counsel to the CALCTTA was also in attendance at the Conference during the weekend, working closely with the CALCTTA Executive Team.