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Bonny Garcia Negotiates Deal Saving City of Delano $1.2 million per year

GHSB Managing Partner Bonifacio Bonny Garcia helped the City of Delano save $1.2 million per year for the next five years by restructuring the City’s contract with the Kern County Fire Department (KCFD). Delano had been paying the KCFD $3.2 million per year for fire protection. Under the new agreement, approved by the City Council on a 5-0 vote, Delano will be paying just over $2 million per year, with 3% annual increases in each of the next five years.

City manager Maribel Reyna had assigned Mr. Garcia, who serves as City Attorney of Delano, the task of designing and executing a strategy to renegotiate and cut the amount the City had been paying for fire protection services. Among other things, Mr. Garcia demonstrated that the City of Delano had been paying for Kern County Fire Department services at double the rate charged to other cities in Kern County. After what Council Member Joe Aguirre described as “bruising negotiations” which included a recommendation by City Manager Reyna and vote by the City Council to establish the City’s own fire department, a new deal at an acceptable price was offered by KCFD at the last minute by County Fire Chief Brian Marshal. Mr. Garcia stated “this was a team effort. City Manager Reyna spotted the problem and set expectations, the City Council defined the mission, the City Manager and I came up with a game plan and the City Council backed our ‘play’ to the hilt.”

City Manager Reyna and Mr. Garcia received public praise from the City Council members and Mayor Grace Vallejo exclaimed that she was “elated” with the new deal.

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